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What does it take to bring joy to a child? Not much at all: to get them involved in an interesting game, to make them the main character, to give them a feeling of magic, kindness and adventure.

MINIVINI has been providing merchandise for children for 12 years.

Live action role-playing kits to address social competencies and the development of basic vocational and social orientation skills, · aids for the development of fine motor skills and sensory perception, · sports merchandise, · carnival articles.

MINIVINI is a team of professionals working closely with kindergarten teachers, child psychologists and school teachers. We design costumes, accessories and play sets for 3+ year old children. All our goods are produced in-house. We use safe and high-quality materials, and continually updating and expanding our assortment.

 Play is the main activity of a child. Through play, children learn about the world and form their own perception of it. The role-playing game is one of the simplest and most effective ways of developing basic professional notions and skills of orientation in society. In play, impressions of the world around are displayed in special ways.

One of the key components of a role-playing game is the play environment. It should be organized in such a way that children get the most out of play. We help create such an environment with the help of high-quality, functional costumes, screens, and accessories.

Impeccable quality of tailoring, attention to detail, only bright and correct colors and, of course, true passion that goes into making every single article.

Our website features dress-up corners and sandbox covers, products for parties and events, equipment for sporting events and relay races, and our favorite - costumes and accessories for role-playing games!  MINIVINI is constantly experimenting and creating things you fall in love with at first sight. Currently we have preschoolers from all corners of Russia as our little clients. Our company is pleased to offer unique and practical products for each age group.

Feel free to contact us. We welcome every new guest and propose to work together.

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